Q: Turn signals activate brake lights

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My brake lights weren't working so I changed the brake lights I tired my left turn signal and the hazard lights came on I tried my right turn signal hazard lights came on again when the hazard lights come one all lights work but when I brake no brake lights come on
My car has an automatic transmission.

You probably have the wrong bulbs in the sockets. Your car likely uses an 1157 bulb, a bulb that has been in use since the ’60’s, but bulbs have been changed and part numbers superceded over the decades so it’s possible to get the right part number on the wrong bulb. If the bulb is not correct, the offset of the terminals on the end will be different and the power from the turn signals will will shunt across the terminals and feed back through the brake light circuit causing all the filaments to light up. Take the bulbs out and study the end to make sure all the terminals are lining up properly. If you can’t solve the problem, contact Your Mechanic to have a technician come out to your home or office to check out your brake lights and turn signals and let you know what it will take to fix them.

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