Q: Truch rough idle in drive no vacuum leak

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Ok so my car was in a wreck, everything from the fan clutch forward was replaced. The truck now has a really bad vibration where the whole truck vibrates. When you start the vehicle in the morning the vibration is muted until it warms up and is put into drive ... than as soon as the rpm goes past 1500 it smoothes out. And than returns when stopped at a stop light. It than idles at 550 rpm. I have put in seafoam directly into the injector housing where the flap is and ran through a can.. which resulted in a check engine light and a misfire code in cylinder 4 and a "to rich" code its been on ever since. I have also changed out the spark plugs... any insight would be greatly appreciated... thanks. Also hear tick from injector housing

My car has 43000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi David. Thanks for sending your question to us tonight. Unfortunately, when a vehicle in involved in an accident and multiple replacements have been completed, it’s nearly impossible to determine the source of a vibration as you are describing without a very detailed personal inspection (including reviewing all replacement services). I think your best option is to contact the mechanic or company that completed these repairs to seek their guidance.

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