When I push on the gas of my car to speed up it does a mi...

When I push on the gas of my car to speed up it does a minor jerk and takes kind of long to accelerate. There’s also a loud clank sound when I shift gears ...

When I push on the gas of my car to speed up it does a minor jerk and takes kind of long to accelerate. There’s also a loud clank sound when I shift gears

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2009 Honda Pilot
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Thank you. Have you had any work done to the car recently?

I’ve had my oil changed sometime last year around october-November. And the. I took it good year and had it inspected for any damages but they only found a small leak which they patched up. Besides that my engine light came on and I used my code scanner to solve the problem (which was the spark plugs)
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Is your vehicle an automatic or standard trans?

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It sounds to me like maybe the engine is misfiring possibly due to a mechanical failure if it is making a loud clank noise. A misfire will also effect power and performance. In other words, it is not running on all the available cylinders.

How do I know when the fuel injectors are defective?
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Its not necessarily just related to the injectors. It could also be something with the ignition system. Have you also check all of your fluids, such as motor oil?

My motor oil is at 60% life. I’ve attempted to get my transmission oil flushed but good year said because it’s an older car with high mileages the chances of flushes out my transmission and it causes more damage than good is high
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They are correct. Just because your oil life monitor states 60% doesn't mean that it is full of oil. I just want to make sure here that the engine hasn't sustained a failure due to lack of oil.

If I check the oil, how do I know if it’s low? There’s no indication line so I’m not able to tell
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There should be something on the oil dipstick. Either a dot or hash mark or line. If there is no oil at all, then that is worse than being low.

I’ll check that nowIt’s good. The oil is passed the dot
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Sounds good.

Is it normal for 2009 Honda pilots to jerk and accelerate slow?
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okay great! No its not normal. Is there a check engine light on?

No the engine light isn’t on.Would changing the power steering fluid make a difference?
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I dont think so. Would not affect the way it runs. I would suggest having a repair shop take a look.

Alright, thank you for your help!
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You are very welcome. Best of luck with your vehicle, and thanks for using justanswer.

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