Q: Timing belt just changed. Car makes whirring noise when I accelerate. Is this normal?

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Hi there, I recently had my timing belt, water pump, cam, crank seals and cover gaskets changed on my 2005 Honda Civic, all due to oil leaks and the engine overheating. NOW, when I accelerate there is a whirring noise that was never there. I brought it back to the mechanic and he says that’s ‘normal’. The timing belt is new and not covered with oil anymore so it’s going to be a little louder. He said. I’ve had the timing belt changed before (by the same guy mind you), and I call BS on this one. Not to mention that when the car is idling now there is a completely separate clinky noise. Any thoughts? PLEASE HELP

My car has 207000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Without actually hearing the noise myself I would suggest having the noise isolated to see if it is in the timing belt on the tensioner being too tight or tensioner pulley is defective. You may even need to remove the serpentine belt for alternator and accessories removed to isolate to see if noise is from an accessory like the alternator or one of the pulleys are bad. A loud whirring noise is not normal.

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