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I came across your website last week and am interested in your services.

I have a few technical questions/concerns. I hope you can help.

I had my timing belt replaced 50,000 miles/7 years ago. I am hearing a noise on startup until car is warm which I believe it is the timing belt tensioner. I have personally replaced the serpentine belt tensioner and ran the car without the serpentine belt. I am almost certain my diagnosis is correct. Because of this and the time the belt has been on the vehicle, I would like to replace for peace of mind. I generally do most repairs myself but I need help with this one.

I have a 2003 Honda Accord 2 door coupe, V6 engine. I need a timing belt replacement with all of the components under the timing cover.

I plan on purchasing the complete kit with all of the components needed. I already generated a quote on your website for the labor which I am ok with.

I have a personal garage at my complex where the work can be performed.

Can this

My car has 148000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Robz. Thanks for contacting us today. I’ve forwarded your inquiry to our sales and service department so they can contact you directly and put together an estimate for services. While the noise you are describing is often attributed to the timing belt tensioner, it could also be an oiling issue - especially with engines older than 10 years like your 2003 Honda. It’s a good idea to have the timing belt and supporting hardware replaced, but you might want to have the water pump done at the same time, especially if you haven’t had that replaced since you’ve owned the car. Just an idea to keep in the back of your head. Our sales team should be contacting you soon to send an estimate.

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