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Reduced Power light symbol. The truck is shutting down while driving, steering wheel locks up, and all power goes off for about five minutes and then is able to restart. Check engine remains on and begins to idle rough. This has occurred 5 times took to shop and they said needed a new battery, so replaced it has happened three more times since. Chevy forums suggest throttle body but I've also been told alternator. Is this even worth the repair? Thank you!

My car has 107000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The Reduced Power Warning Light will illuminate for several reasons. If the engine’s computer detects an issue that can be detrimental to the engine, it will automatically reduce the power to make sure no damage is done (also known as "limp mode"). The reduced power light will also illuminate if the engine is suffering from an actual loss in power. This issue may be alternator, fuel, spark, or electrical in nature. Luckily the alternator can be tested before you spend money on a new one. As well as the throttle body can be cleaned relatively easily at home. Only further testing will tell. With the age and the mileage on your vehicle, the repairs should be well worth having done. Contact our service department for more diagnostic help and to schedule an appointment.

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Q: Q: Reduced Power light

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