Q: The car surges when accelerating in first gear only.

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From a standing start in first gear, easy to moderate acceleration, the engine will surge like you are on and off the gas. If you immediately shift into second gear the surging goes away. It does not seem to be engine or air temperature related. In the last couple of years I have replaced the plugs and coil packs due to a misfire on acceleration in higher gears. The fuel injectors have also been replaced. I cannot find any air leaks on the intake side, but I have not tried spraying throttle body cleaner on the intake manifold/cylinder head to check for a bad intake gasket.

My car has 88000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

You may have a problem with the mass air flow sensor causing the engine to run too lean and will cause a hesitation or surge when accelerating from a stop. You may have to have the computer system checked to see if it has been running leaner than normal. This would have to be checked by a certified mechanic like one from YourMechanic.com that can not only scan for codes but also be able to look at the computer data and notice a problem with the mass air flow sensor signal. This cannot be done by a computer scan by a local parts store that gives you a code you had in memory. You will also need to get your motor and transmission mounts checked to see if they have broken.

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