Q: Honda Accord 1999 occasionally will not crank

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I have a 99 Honda Accord. A week ago, I went into a store, come out, turn the key - dead. Interior lights & clock working. Get a jump, it turns and I'm off. A week later, same thing. This time test battery, reads very good. No radio or windows, but clock. Jump doesn't work. I call a tow. Get to my house off of the tow, turn the key - starts right up! Any idea of what I should be looking for?
My car has an automatic transmission.

I’ve seen this pattern on other Honda cars of that vintage and I’d say most likely you need a repair in your fuse panel. Like many electrical components, it’s failing on a thermal curve. When it’s warm under the hood, something expands just enough to break a circuit, then when it cools off beyond a certain point it make contact again. But I wouldn’t run out and buy a panel yet without doing some electrical diagnosis. Some work with a test lamp when the car has failed will tell you the story. You can have that diagnosis done right there at your home or office by contacting Your Mechanic. They will send you a technician to check out your starting issue and tell you for sure what it needs.

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