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Q: Squeaking/Chirping while driving

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The truck has started to make a very loud Squeak/Chirp only while driving 25mph or over. It sounds like its coming from the passenger side. It is very loud and cyclical, it is not constant. It only occurs while driving after 5-10 minutes, it does not happen when idling. When I pulled over the first time there was a low grinding noise. When I took it out again, the grinding did not occur, only the squeak.

My car has 139000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Some of the most common causes of the symptom you described are a stretched serpentine belt, a dried out idler pulley, or a dried out tensioner pulley. I would recommend enlisting in the assistance of a qualified professional to use a mechanic’s stethoscope to locate the noise. Once the noise has been located, I would recommend replacing the part that is causing the noise. Consider YourMechanic for this inspection as it can be completed from your home or office.

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Hi there. Most of the time, what you’re describing is a symptom of a damaged wheel bearing. However, if the sound is not consistent, it’s possible that you have worn out strut or upper control arm bushings. Due to the multiple issues that could be causing this noise, you should have a professional mobile mechanic complete a car is making a noise inspection.

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