Q: Should I replace my radiator?

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Hi Guys,

Rat problems caused major damage and ate through many tubes and hoses. My son drove fifteen minutes on a dry radiator...stopped once, then drove another five minutes. Same coming back at end of day. Local mechanic found the issue- suggested that we had a warped engine and/or blown head. Since this time, we replaced all spark plug wires and hoses effected by hungry rats. It sat for a month or so.

We just took it out for a spin- filled with water and after 20 minutes of good driving came back and saw the radiator leak. I know the radiator needs replaced and the water in the reservoir is very rusty. So question is the value of replacing the radiator. Guessing it could be about 350 or so, unless I do it myself...which may end up being twice that :)

Warped head is an unknown...should i take it to a dealer or another trusted mechanic to find out...or just replace the radiator...or just auction it off or get what I can per pound?

Thanks in advance, tm
My car has an automatic transmission.

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