Q: Scraped against a tree, car door only opens from the inside

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I backed up into a tree leaving my driveway. The tree scraped my drivers side. The tree scraped against the driver door handle. As a result, I cannot open the door from the outside, but it opens perfectly from the inside. The handle makes a sort of gritting sound, it doesn't bounce back. It's stiff. It stays in the up and out position unless I manually push it back in. When I put the key in, it turns fine as well, locks and unlocks like its supposed to. So, do I just need a door handle replacement?

My car has 185000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You will need a door handle, but if the sheet metal around the door handle is bent, you might also need a bit of bodywork. If you’re not particular about the appearance, you might be able to bend it straight with a little bit of effort, but the paint will probably crack so it will rust later. Changing a door handle on your car is not a big deal and should be possible without taking off the interior trim panel. If you’d rather not mess with it yourself, you can contact Your Mechanic to have a technician come out to your home or office and change your door handle for you.

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