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Q: S Type powe loss problem

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Dear Peter,I have a problem with my 2000 S Type 3.0 V6. When cold it has significant misfire problem but has all the power. When the engine is heated, there is no misfire, or at least not that noticable, but has a significant power loss. BOSCH diagnostic shows misfire problem but not a specific cylinder and also camshaft position fault-both to early and to late. Also lambda sonda shows huge fluctuations and ecotest is very bad. There is also significant oil smell from exaust and inside cabin. Both sparks (brand new) and lambda sonds are dirty. Please can you help me,since here in Croatia Jaguar is kind of exotic car and there is no real Jag expert. Thanks in advance! Boris,Croatia

My car has 170000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi Boris. Unfortunately, we are not able to help you here, as first, we don’t offer recommendations on this type of detailed and Jaguar-specific problem; as all of our technicians are general automotive experts and not Jaguar specialists. Second, we don’t service areas outside of North America. I think your best bet is to search online for Jaguar performance websites or forums; where you can communicate with fellow Jaguar owners and specialists. Best of luck to you.

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