Q: Roof leak in rear quarter of hard top.

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Rear roof arm is leaking. Mostly when stationary. I have not peeled the fabric back to see whether it is the top seam or bottom seam, but the water does seem to collect in the footwell on that side.Have you seen this before, and are you able to ballpark the cost? I am upside down in the vehicle, so making it someone else's problem is not realistic.

My car has 130200 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. This is actually a rather common problem with these vehicles. In most cases, it’s caused by debris inside the roof seal or a seal that has become dried on hardtop convertibles. This video will show you how most professional mechanics clean and lubricate these seals to avoid leaking. In regards to repairing, it’s hard to provide you with an estimate as this is typically a service that is completed by a VW specialist.

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