Q: None of my blinkers work but all the blubs work

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None of my blinkers work but the bulbs work what could it be I also changed the fuse

Without knowing the make and model vehicle, I can provide you with possibilities, or the most common causes. Your hazards and blinkers are usually controlled by a "flasher relay". If this relay has gone bad, shorted, or stuck, your lights will not flash. Sometimes the hazards will work and the directionals will not, or vice versa. The blinker switch on the steering column can also be at fault. Some late model vehicles do not use a flasher relay. The directionals and hazards are controlled by the bcm - body control module. A failed bcm can cause this situation.

A certified technician can look into why the directionals are not working to isolate the exact cause.

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If the fuse is good, then it’s possible that the turn signal switch, turn signal relay or the turn signal wiring is causing your turn signals to stop working. You should have a certified technician, like one from YourMechanic, complete a diagnosis on your turn signal system to pinpoint what needs to be fixed to get your turn signals working again.

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