Q: No start problem on my 99 Dodge Ram diesel

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This morning our temperature was 0 degrees Fahrenheit I went out to start my Dodge I crank over the motor it started ran for 10 seconds and then shut off. I tried to restart the motor. It cranks but won't fire. The truck is a 99 Dodge Ram 2500 59 Cummins diesel

Diesel engines rely heavily on glow plugs in cold weather. Diesel fuel tends to thicken in cold weather, so the glow plugs heat the combustion chambers as well as the fuel as it enters the combustion chambers. The Cummins engine however, uses a heater grid in the air intake to accomplish the same thing. If the heater grid is no longer getting hot enough, or continuing to cycle until the engine is warmed, this can effect cold starting/running. The relay or the heater grid itself can be at fault.

Have a certified technician look into the no start condition to determine the exact cause.

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