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let car sit for a few weeks, no-start condition, no spark, no fuel pressure, fuel pump does not come on, unless i turn it on with a circuit pro. Tested all fuse boxes with multimeter and test light, everything fine except suspension fuse. Used an inline spark tester, saw no spark from at 3 spark plugs, tested igniton coils for resistance, all came back to 1.0 ohms, tested fuel supply lines gong into the coils for power, show 12 volts going into fuel supply lines, changed crankshaft & camshaft sensor, starter engages, engines moves a few inches that's it, still no fuel pressure, fuel pressure at zero. Any help appreciated!

Hi Charles. Thanks for contacting us today. If you’re not getting any fuel pressure at the fuel rail, there are two usual suspects. Either you’ve got an obstruction somewhere in the fuel lines (from the pump to the fuel rail to the intake manifold) or you have a fuel pump that is not working. Since you’re not able to activate the fuel pump through normal methods, I would suspect a damaged fuel pump relay or an exposed electrical wire creating a short somewhere. I would start by checking the obvious fuel pump relay and focusing only on trying to resolve the fuel pump issue for starters. This will likely resolve your issue. If it does not, please have a Mercedes-Benz specialist help you diagnose this issue.

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