Q: No crank no start , dash says power steering

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My car is having a no crank no start problem. On my dash it says , service power steering (this is new ) but also service esc abs, and maybe another thing, but that is from a sensor i messed up months before evwrything was fine , i went up north , and next morning it didnt start. By the shifter there used to be lights thats light up of course, this doesnt work since this happened . All my lights and electrical work besides that. I also have remote start and when i try that a weird noise happens and then it honks a few times. I tried jumping the car replacing the battery, disconnecring it for hours at a time, and putting the car ket into the run position for about 15 mins. Checked my fuses (ones that i can tell if there blown ). Im at a loss and my car is 4 hrs away right now. So when i go back i really need some good ideas to try. Thanks in advance.

My car has 90500 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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