Q: No crank no start , dash says power steering

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My car is having a no crank no start problem. On my dash it says , service power steering (this is new ) but also service esc abs, and maybe another thing, but that is from a sensor i messed up months before evwrything was fine , i went up north , and next morning it didnt start. By the shifter there used to be lights thats light up of course, this doesnt work since this happened . All my lights and electrical work besides that. I also have remote start and when i try that a weird noise happens and then it honks a few times. I tried jumping the car replacing the battery, disconnecring it for hours at a time, and putting the car ket into the run position for about 15 mins. Checked my fuses (ones that i can tell if there blown ). Im at a loss and my car is 4 hrs away right now. So when i go back i really need some good ideas to try. Thanks in advance.

My car has 90500 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

With all the lights on you will need to have the system scanned to get codes and those codes tested to determine possible cause. Try another set of keys if you have them.

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