In on hold with the irs

In on hold with the irs Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2005 Nissan altima Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Altima yourself? What have you tried so far? Not pulse at #1 inj...

In on hold with the irs Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2005 Nissan altima Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Altima yourself? What have you tried so far? Not pulse at #1 injector. Did u c my original question?

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Hi there, Sorry to hear about all your car troubles. My Name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I am an ASE Master Tech here to assist you with your vehicle. Please understand I am not there with you, But I am here to help. Any information about what is going on is greatly appreciated. The system will ask for a phone call, Please let me know if you want this option as I am not always available to do so. Be aware that I am assisting many customers at the same time and will get back to you as quickly as I can but I cannot get answers immediately as I am not a computer. I like to research each answer before I get back to you to ensure that I give out the correct info. Thank you for understanding. No we cannot see your original post. So you have no pulse to injector #1 and are getting an engine misfire is that correct? What engine is in your Nissan Altima?

2.5It said $5 trial for 7 days, I understood that meant getting help but apparently that's just to connect with you? Help is offered for an additional fee?
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I honestly am not sure of how that side of this relationship works. I am only the professional and not the sites accountant. I was under the understanding that the trail was for 7 days of trail and this includes asking questions and help. But I am sure the sign up page would have indicated what the trail was for exactly. Let me grab some info for you on this issue. This may take some time so thank you for your patience. Does your engine crank and start? But is running rough since there is no injector pulse on cylinder 1?

Thank you and yes it runs poorly. Through process of elimination I've confirmed the injector isnt faulty and at the injectors I'm getting 9.6v but I understand it should be 12v. Through researching this problem I've been told it could be the ECU having a bad resistor, a ground issue and a bot of useless info. Is the 9.6v an indication of something clearly wrong or is that what it should be?I'm available for a phone call now if you prefer.
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This is an additional cost and is up to you if you would like this option.

No to additional costs, is texting covered for my $5 trial?
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Yes it is. 9.6 volts would indicate a voltage loss in the wiring. It can be caused by high resistance. This issue will most likely be wiring to the injectors or most of the time a ECM failure. This is a relatively basic system. I have attached the wiring diagram to help you better understand this fault. You will want to swap in a new fuse in the fuse block to ensure it was fully seated and the fuse was not the issue and test again. Make sure your battery is fully charged as well as this can cause a false or low reading. The ECM will actually ground these injectors so if there is a fault will is usually in the ECM. You can also test for an open by doing a continuity test with a volt meter. Make sure to disconnect both sides of the harness before attempting this to avoid creating any more issues. This will aid you in finding a short or open. I always shoot for a 5 start review. If you have any other questions or in need of any other help, please let me know. If you think my answer was not that of a 5 star rating please let me know what I can do to assist you further. I want to answer all concerns that you have about this issue. Tips are not required but greatly appreciated, I work hard to give you the best answer and appreciate the extra thank you on your side. Thank you for understanding and thank you for using Just Answer!

I appreciate ur help, ur very knowledgeable and suggestions were easy to follow and when I get this thing fixed I will give u 5 stars. Still having a problem, I've got continuity from the injector to the ecm, is there a way to check the ecm? I went to pick n pull and grabbed a ecm and none of the injectors it true that if the dealer put security on the car originally, which mine has, that u cant switch the ecm cuz u cant program it? Is there a particular component on the board of the ecm that I can just swap out? Thanks for the help. Have a good day.

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