Q: Need to know what parts to get for it.

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I know a little bit about cars, my father was a ASE Master Tech but we aren't on good terms. Anyway, I want to know a listing name of parts I will need that's Top rated performance made to handle what I want to put on my Honda. Which is what kind of two twin turbos and turbines for exhaust flow, an air filter, and intercooler. I am talking everything from the Oil Pan,The Block,Crank Shafts, Arms to pistons,Piston heads,Piston Rings, Gas and air intake valves( head) timing system and cam shaft, and Everything that runs on the pulleys of the timing belt,the timing belt, as well as everything from the transmission,axles, down to breaks. I am a veteran in the Army as Well as a Medical Doctor so I make enough to do all this in my garage. I will also be asking again for my 2007 Mustang that's a 4.6 liter V8 wanting to know the same for what type of supercharger as well as everything else like what I am asking for my Honda for the type of things I will need including The turbos and turbines. Thank you!

My car has 180000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there. Since high performance upgrades are not services our mobile mechanics offer, we’re not able to provide you with the list you’re looking for. I would highly recommend contacting a local Honda performance shop or search for Honda performance websites and forums, where you can speak with fellow car owners or specialists that have completed similar upgrades and services.

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