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Q: My Toyota ist 2007 giving steering lock error and can not start. How can I sort this? The car is using smart Key

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Toyota IST of 2007 with steering lock error, not starting and not responding to smart Key

My car has 15120 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The smart key is really convenient until it stops working. You may just need a battery in your key, it uses a CR2302 watch battery and is as simple as changing the battery in your watch If that doesn’t help Some of the cars have an actual key blade concealed in the key fob for emergencies and a key slot on the column with a plastic trim piece over it. If your car is one of those, you maybe able to perform an emergency start. Carefully examine your key fob for a concealed key blade. Otherwise there may not be much to be done short of dealer intervention. If you want help with this, Contact Your Mechanic to have a technician come to your home or office or wherever the car is to check it out and advise you on what can be done.

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HI. There are serval different reasons why this could be happening. One the battery for your car could have low voltage or could be completely bad causing a no start problem and steering lock. There also could be a problem with the keyless entry system not responding or recognizing the key fob. If this is the case the key fob is broken or there is a problem with body control module of the car. Sometimes this problem can be caused by a dead battery in the key fob as well. I suggest you have a certified tech from yourmechanic come and diagnosis your car for its no start problem.

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  • My Toyota ist 2007 giving steering lock error and can not start. How can I sort this? The car is using smart Key

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