Q: My steering wheel feels loose.

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My steering wheel vibrates a lot and often feels a bit loose and unstable. It feels like it needs a steering damper or more stability. When I go fast it vibrates. As I'm driving I feel every bump and uneven surface. It wobbles a lot.

My car has 89000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Loose feeling to the steering system can be caused by a number of components. A worn steering stabilizer can be one of them. Other components like tie rods and ball joints can also cause a loose steering feel. As they age, the sockets inside ball joints and tie rods wear. This allows play within the component. When that happens, the steering wheel may have to be turned more to overcome that "play" before the wheels actually turn, giving you that feeling of "play" in the steering wheel. The steering loses it’s direct feeling. Any of these worn components can give you a vibration as well. Also, the tires can wear in irregular patterns due to worn suspension/steering components which then can make the tires give you a vibration.

Have a certified technician look into the loose steering feel as soon as possible. If components like ball joints or tie rods wear excessively, they can actually fail, causing a loss of control of your vehicle.

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