Q: My emissions light is on a d my gas light is on even though I put full tank

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I was forced to give a jump start to a big moving truck from my ford torus 2001. And now the emissions light is on. And the gas light is on. Even though I have a full tank of gas. Did I just damaged my car because of those 2 jump-start with in 30 minutes? ???

My car has 68000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

I would recommend disconnecting your battery for about thirty minutes to see if the computer will reset. Those types of lights should not come on just from a jump start. It is possible that the wires may have been crossed during the jump start causing some damage to your electrical system. It is also possible that the truck was on a 24 volt system and your car is only on a 12 volt system. This may have damaged the electrical system as well. If disconnecting the battery for a half hour does not resolve the issue, I would recommend having your electrical system inspected by a qualified techinician. Consider YourMechanic for this inspection as a certified professional can come to your home or office to perform this service.

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