Q: my car was at a stop light, started to chug as if it were running out of gas, then died and wouldn't start.

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My car had a new fuel pump replaced 6 months ago along with a new fuel filter ran great, at a stop light it chugged as if running out of gas, it has almost a half a tank of gas in the tank my friend tried starter fluid and the car started but would die after about 3 seconds, it will not start on it's own. Any ideas would be helpful. I'm not the person working on it just the person to pass on the info and any ideas you may have.

My car has 50000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Any number of things could have occurred. On the outside chance, it could be another failed fuel pump. Unusual but it has happened. If it is not getting fuel, it could be components like a failed fuel pressure regulator or fuel pump relay. Check for power at the fuel pump connector with the key on as well as when cranking. If power is there, but the pump does not run, then it may be a failed fuel pump. If the pump has failed again, make certain the inners of the fuel tank are inspected before installing a new pump. Sometimes with age, the baffles inside the tank can detach and damage or short the pump. I found this as the cause with a friend’s vehicle after 2 fuel pump failures within 8 months. If no power is present at the fuel pump connector, then the circuit has to be traced to the relay, fuse box, etc. If you need further assistance, have a certified technician look into the cause of the no start condition to locate the cause.

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