Q: my car runs great but a light came our saying "check engine soon" but also recently i distracted myself for a moment ,went off roa

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my car runs good but a light came out saying "check engine soon" and i dont know what it would mean by that and also ,recently i distracted myself for a moment ,went off road and when i got back on the road again it wouldn't accelerate like i would step on it and it would just make the sound as increasing speed but it wouldn't move foward until i turned it off and turned it back on it went back to working. and last thing its a v6 and wastes gas so quickly i fill it up and i run out in about 3-4 days and i only use it for work which is 15 min away 5 days. i would really appreciate it if you can help me out and find the problem.thanks

My car has 127 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The first thing that should be done with a situation like you’ve described is to try and isolate the symptoms your car is having and complete a check engine light inspection to isolate the root problems. This allows a professional mechanic to inspect your car at your location to find out what caused that warning light on the dash. In most cases, it’s a sensor that detects a flaw in the fuel, ignition or vehicle safety system. If you have fuel delivery problems, like dirty fuel injectors or mass air flow sensor, this can also be the source of the poor fuel economy problem you are experiencing.

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