Q: My brake light fuse blows as soon as i try to take my car out of park.

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My car is stuck in park, and i recently had this problem but it was just the fuse. So i changed the fuse but as soon as i try to put it in park the fuse immediately blows! I already changed the brake switch under the pedal. I haven’t check by bulb yet though!
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Ieshia. Thanks for contacting us today. When a fuse brakes frequently, especially when something is activated, it’s due to an exposed electrical wire - such as a faulty ground or power connection. It’s very possible that when the brake switch was replaced, the harness may not have been connected correctly or that some exposed wire is rubbing against metal. I would start by checking the brake switch connection first. If this works fine, then have a professional mechanic complete an electrical inspection to isolate the source of this problem.

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