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Q: Mileage problem please help!!

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Description of Problem: Recently I got my truck worked on by a "macanic" who did basic work on my car, changed fluids, oil, etc. the next day I went to pick up my truck and he said there was a power surge and my mileage is now saying that it's 189,699!! I just got this truck, bought used, a couple months go and when I brought it to the guy they reported that I gave the truck at 12,306, when I asked him to fix this problem he told me since it's a digital dashboard that I have to buy a Bluetooth scanner and find an app that will roll it back to what it is. Do you know any apps I can use to connect to the truck wirelessly? And every scanned that's wireless/Bluetooth doesn't say anything about the odometer? I'm afraid if I don't bring the miles back that my truck will lose value and on top of that, I won't know what my mileage actually will be in no time.

My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. If your mileage has suddenly changed then I would go to the dealership and have them address the issue. A vehicle that is only at 12 thousand miles should still be under some sort of warranty. A cluster that suddenly changes in mileage may indicate that there is some sort of electrical issue or problem with the odometer present, or that tampering has occured. There are certain scan tools that allow the reprogramming of the odometer, however these are professional scan tools that usually only dealerships specialty shops have access to. I would recommend having a dealership look at the vehicle to see if they may be able to take care of the problem under warranty.

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