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I'm in need of a great used car. I mainly commute 40 miles in total to work and back. I live in South Florida with no wife and kids. I was looking at a used Lexus IS 250 or GS 300, but they are always high mileage. Will one those cars leave me stranded and always be in a mechanic shop? I have $8k in total for the car. Any other car suggestions are encouraged. Thanks

Lexus vehicles are basically high end Toyotas, which have a great reputation for lasting a long time. If you’re pretty set on one of those two cars, it will be tough to get a low mileage one under $8k. If you expand your horizons to Toyota or Honda, then you will see many more options for under $8k that are equally, if not more reliable, and will have much lower mileage. You could also find a pretty decent used Toyota Prius or Civic Hybrid, both of which will return much better fuel economy. Regardless of what you decide to buy, you should have a pre-purchase inspection on any vehicle that you are seriously considering buying in order to see if it has problems.

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