Q: Legality of rear facing lights.

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This question is about the legality of installing rear facing lights. The scenario is travaling on a back road at night, dimly lit if lit at all, I'm travaling at the speed limit but someone catches up to me anyway and is tailgating me while blinding me with his lights. This scenario happens to me all the time. I would like to be able to flip a switch and turn on rear facing lights to deter this person. My question is if that is legal or not. I have scoured KRS 189 and cannot find mention of it anywhere. Again this question is about the legality of it, not about the morality of it. If it is legal, the next question would inevitably be is there a legal limit on how bright they can be? Again I have found no mention of this in KRS 189. Lastly, if it is legal, I would like to install the brightest possible (legal) lights within the same area as the reverse lights, so they are fully enclosed by my car. Any suggestions on how/where to do that/which products to use? Thanks! James.

Hi there. What you are describing is illegal in nearly all US states. You should check and verify with your state’s DMV to know for certain, but in most cases, this is an illegal use of lights for on road driving. Consider the legal mess you’d be in if that car behind you had an accident due to the "courtesy flash" - which has happened in years past and never ends up positive for the person with this type of lighting package.

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