Q: Leaking Radiator?Car overheated

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Ive had a leaking radiator for some time. Ive put some Bars Leak and Kseal in it in the past and tried to keep it full. However over a period of a cpl of days I noticed quite a bit more white smoke or steam coming out from under the hood while driving, and on the last day I drove it, the temp gauge was all the way up on Hot. Lots of white smoke and steam while driving, and no power and some rattling noise going up a big hill before making it home, wasn't sure I was going to make it. I have no idea if I did any engine damage, and honestly the car isnt worth fixing if I did. I refilled the radiator and tried turning it on and letting it run, and seemed to be ok, but Im scared to try and drive it anywhere. IS it worth my time to even put the radiator in? And how will I know if my car is even safe to try to drive anywhere after over heating like that or if there was engine damage?
My car has an automatic transmission and is an 01 Kia Sephia

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