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Q: It starts but only stay started for 2 seconds and there is a security light on the right

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We just had the water pump fixed on friday we drove it home everything was fine. Got out of the car accidentally hit the panic button turned it off. Did not have to restart it until today and it will not start. it'll start for 2 seconds or so and then turns off and that has the security thing.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You should try to lock all the doors and then use the key to lock the drivers door last and then wait for two minutes and then using the key unlock the drivers door. Then get in and turn the key to on to see if the theft light comes on and stays on or goes out. If it goes out then try to start it and see if it runs. If it does then you should be okay. If it is still active then disconnect the battery and touch battery clamps together without touching the battery and wait ten minutes with them connected together and then reconnect them to battery and see if every thing works as it should.

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  • It starts but only stay started for 2 seconds and there is a security light on the right

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