Q: Is the solenoid malfunctioning or the camshaft with a P0011 Check engine code?

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I have a 2006 Hyndai Elantra. The mechanic told me that there is an error code of P0011 with the check engine light being on. He said that the solenoid has to be replaced or cleaned. He said that, half the time, the check engine light will be fixed if the solenoid is cleaned. He said to try this out first before replacing it. I read online that error code P0011 has to do with the camshaft timing being off. I am confused. First of all, is the solenoid involved in this error code different from the solenoid that is part of the ignition system? Also, could he be right that there is something wrong with the solenoid? How about the camshaft? I don't want to replace the solenoid only to find out that the camshaft is the one that needs replacing. I see that this error code has to do with the engine oil, but I usually change the engine oil every 3 or 4 months and the oil level is never low or too high. What should I do? any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Code P0011 is most commonly caused by the solenoid or cam sensor. I would recommend replacing the solenoid first and then cam sensor.

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