Q: Installation of Mazda 3 2005 2.3L power steering pump

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Hello Patrick, I was in a crash a while ago and I destroyed my power steering pump and want to replace it myself because I'm Really low on money. I simply wanted to ask if the only things that I need to disconnect are the pressure Pipe and the suction hose correct? From my understanding all I have to do is drain out the fluid, by removing the suction hose, followed by pressure pipe and put back on the new one the same way, that simple correct? What I'm wondering is if there's any extra pipes or hoses that I might have lost in the crash that I'm not seeing at the moment, thank you! I do recall that I will need to cover the belt with something, as well as connect and disconnect the power steering pump connectors, anything else not mentioned is what I'm wondering about, thank you!
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. What you have listed above in regards to the basic steps is correct. I would highly recommend purchasing a service and repair manual for your Mazda. This will give you a detailed schematic of all power steering hoses, lines and connections to review; while you’re working on the replacement. Make sure you prime the power steering fluid correctly, and double check all bolts, nuts and hose connections to avoid any air bubbles or problems.

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