Q: Why is my inside door handle is loose in my 2000 Mercedes slk230

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I have a 2000 Mercedes benz slk230 and recently the inside door handle has come loose and I am concerned about being able to open it from the inside. I have tried to open the door while inside by rolling down the window and opening the outside door handle but that doesn't work all the time after coming to a stop with the engine on or off it seems to be locked trying to open it using the outside handle. Would like to know what's involved and the cost of repair because I work at home and it would be more convenient to have a mechanic come here. Is there a way to open the door temporarily being inside with the window rolled down? To be clear I can still open the door from the inside but not sure if it will keep working. Thanks, alan

My car has 82000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. If the handle feels a little loose then there may be an issue with the handle bracket inside of the panel. I have seen these handles break there. If the interior and exterior door handles are acting up then it may be the latch assembly. I have replaced more latches on these doors than anything else. In order to be able to tell for sure the door will need to be taken apart. If you want to have this done, consider YourMechanic, as a certified mechanic can come to you to [diagnose why the door is not working] https://www.yourmechanic.com/services/door-will-not-open-inspection

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