Q: Ignition will not do anything. Is it switch or starter? Lights come on, do not dim when key is turned, no sound (click or grrr)

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Ok so it worked fine. I got home from fishing and showed off my fish to a neighbor. Went to start the car and nothing. Lights come on radio everything. No dimming when the key is turned to start the car. There is no clicking. There is no grrr sound. Jumped and still acts the same. Lights are bright by the way. Turn the key to off and nothing will turn off. I'm thinking ignition switch. Just want to know for sure. I disconnected the positive cable to turn off electrical components. Lock cylinder was replaced. Replaced positive cable and same response. Is this a definite ignition switch issue? Might be important to mention that the ignition light (battery light) is illuminated as well as CEL. CEL is an EGR Code, that much I do know.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Melissa. Thanks for contacting us today. If the accessories work, that means the ignition cylinder is recognizing the key and activating them. It’s possible however, that the ignition relay is damaged. This is what sends the electrical signal to the starter relay, ignition timing system and fuel pump to begin the starting process. If you turn the key and can hear the fuel pump prime - then it’s likely that your issue is the starter or starter relay. One thing to consider is that is could also be the battery - as the battery can still have power but not enough cranking amps to activate the starter. Since the battery light is illuminated, I would assume the battery as being the root reason why it can’t start. To add fuel to the fire, this light usually indicates a fault with the battery charging system - such as an alternator. To ensure you complete the right repairs, an onsite inspection is probably a good idea.

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