Q: I need to start my car with out replacing the airbags my engines fine just not getting the fuel

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I got into a wreck my airbags deployed engine us fine but my car wont start it sounds like its not getting fuel I cant afford airbags right now but I have to have a car the buses here only come every2 and a half hour's. They do not run on weekend's. How do I bypass the airbags with out getting new ones, were do I start?

My car has 120000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Fuses would be the first place to start. Check all the fuses. It’s possible something like the fuel pump or engine control unit fuses or others may have blown in the accident. If all the fuses are good, then there may be damage to the wiring harness as a result of the accident as well. If all the fuses are good and there’s no other obvious indications, have a certified technician look for the cause of the no start. As for bypassing the airbags, there really is no safe way to do that. The airbags along with the airbags control module, and possibly a crash/impact sensor, will have to be replaced.

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