Q: I'm gonna purchase a 2010 m3 hardtop convertible with 69k any recommendations

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What can I expect from it. What should be the first thing I should replace. Where and what do I have to inspect to know that the car is fine and I'm not gonna get screwed over

My car has 69000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. These cars are pretty fun to drive and rather reliable vehicles. There are two things specifically that you should look into if you’re going to buy this vehicle. First, most BMW’s tend to have problems with front oil seals wearing out and starting to leak oil after about 100,000 miles. Although this is hit or miss, it can cause you to lose quite a bit of oil if not repaired. Second, on hard top convertibles, there are sometimes problems with water leaking through the hardtop roof rail seals. Making sure to clean these rails occasionally and lubricate them as recommended will significantly reduce damage. One thing you might want to consider before you purchase the vehicle, is to have a professional mobile mechanic come to the vehicle location and complete a pre-purchase car inspection. This will allow them to complete a 75-point inspection to determine if there are any major mechanical problems that are present; so you can ensure you are buying a dependable vehicle.

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