Q: I have a important question about my cars engine (n63tu)

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I have a 2013 bmw 750li xDrive!! I currently have it bone stock, i will be doing allot of upgrades to it new turbo and everything. After all the parts are i stalled i will be getting around 800 hp to the wheels. Now my question is, just how much hp or psi can a stock n63tu engine take without damaging it? Will i have to upgrade he pistons and stuff like that on the engine prior to the performance upgrades?

My car has 17000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there:

It really depends on what "power adders" you’re planning on installing on your BMW to produce 800 HP to the wheels. However, just remember this simple reality - the OEM internal components are not designed to handle more than 20% of the current factory HP output for any extended period of time. Most people I’ve seen try to attempt this usually upgrade everything including cylinder heads, rods, pistons, crank, cam and all transmission components as well. It might be best for you to consult with a BMW performance specialist before spending money on these type of aggressive upgrades.

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