Q: I have a 2013 infiniti jx35 in October I went to crank it by pushing the button it wouldn't do anything so I changed the battery.

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In October I replaced the battery due to getting in the car in the mornings when it's cold and car wouldn't crank later in the day once it warmed up it was fine I was told the battery didn't have enough cold cranking amps. So bought a new battery. The car ran with no issues for about 3 weeks then all of a sudden one morning nothing it would unlock with key pad no lights and would jump off. I then had the battety replaced again it worked for about 2 days then one morning tried to unlock with keypad it wouldn't unlock open car manually pushed the start button nothing brakes was hard no lights nothing. I tried to get it jumped it won't do anything besides the security light flashes but car clicks when try to start when jumper cables hooked to it.

My car has 35000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Even though the vehicle is push-button start, the key is a "smart key". It sends a signal to the ignition to allow the vehicle to start. There are a couple of possibilities. 1 - The key battery is low/dead, and not sending the proper signal to allow the vehicle to start. First, try placing the key near the start button, even maybe pressing the start button with the smart key. If the vehicle starts, the key battery is bad. Also, try another key. If the same situation exists with both keys, see #2. 2 - From the dead/weak car battery, the key(s) may have lost synchronization with the vehicle. If that’s the case, the vehicle - with all keys - will have to be taken to your local Infiniti service department for reprogramming.

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