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I have 2013 audi a4 about 55,000 miles. When I got my 45k mile service done at audi I brought up to them that I was having issues pumping my gas at times. For example, sometimes the gas pump would just keep clicking to where I wasn't able to gas my car. When I brought it to audi my car was still under warranty, however they couldn't find the problem bc they were able to gas it fine. I explained to them that it only does it on occasion but enough for me to be concerned. They told me in the future if any serious problems happen due to this then bring to their attention that i brought it to them in that past for that issue. Well now my car is no longer under warranty and it's at audi (i brought it in bc i was hearing a strange whistling noise ) and they're telling me I need a new fuel pump. Are these two issues related to where i can tell them i brought it in before for this?

My car has 55000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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