I’m having trouble with my 2006 [sonata](/topics-sonata/)...

I’m having trouble with my 2006 [sonata](/topics-sonata/) with a 3.3 v6 automatic. Heavy vibrations when in drive or reverse( low speeds or stopped only) brake pedal becomes very stiff and there’s a whistling clicking sound. Any i...

I’m having trouble with my 2006 [sonata](/topics-sonata/) with a 3.3 v6 automatic. Heavy vibrations when in drive or reverse( low speeds or stopped only) brake pedal becomes very stiff and there’s a whistling clicking sound. Any ideas?

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Hey there, my name is Jake. Sorry your having issues, but thanks for reaching out. Do you get the vibration when stopped and in gear also? or ONLY when moving?

When stopped. That’s when it is worse. Park and neutral good, but anything else not.Also goes away when I’m moving. Faster then 25 I would guess
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Since you feel it when the transmission is engaged, I'd check 2 things that are fairly common to cause this. the front engine dampener (look for excessive vibration on the harmonic dampener pulley) and the transmission mount.

I will check both. But would that affect my idle, brakes, and whistling sound. It also shifts into gear very rough sometimes. Almost slams into gear. As well as going faster then normal in drive with no gas pushed.
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Your really listing a ton of different symptoms, realistically too many to pinpoint one single cause. A whistling when pressing the brakes could be the booster or accumulator which could also effect idle when braking.

I realize this. But it all started the same exact time. Basically need to know what I should check. I’ve changed tranni fluid, input output sensors, throttle position sensor, cleaned throttle body, cleaned all wire connections, changed plugs. So I should check booster next? This wouldn’t affect shifting correct?
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correct, the only things going to effect shifting are speed signals (you replaced the sensors), fluid condition / level, internal issues, or throttle position.

Ok thank youmuch
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no problem

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