Q: How do I use the sunroof?

asked by on December 15, 2015

How do I use the sunroof?

The sunroof that is available as a option in the vehicle is different depending on the model of the truck;

  • In the extended cab model, there is a single switch with a symbol representing the sunroof printed on it located above the windshield between the sun visors next to the dome lights. This is the open and close button for the sunroof.

  • Pressing the rear of the switch will raise the rear of the sunroof up to vent air out of the cabin.

  • Pressing the rear of the switch again will slide back the sunroof towards the rear of the truck until the button is released.

  • Pressing the rear of the switch all of the way down until it clicks will make the sunroof open all of the way. Pressing the rear of the button another time at any point will stop the sunroof in place.

  • To close the sunroof from any position, press and hold the front of the switch until the sunroof is fully closed.

  • In the crew cab model, there are two switches with symbols representing the sunroof on them, side by side, on a panel above the windshield between the sun visors.

  • Pressing the rear of the switch closer to the driver (switch 1) will make the sunroof slide back towards the rear of the truck for the duration the button is held.

  • Pressing the rear of switch 1 all the way down until it clicks will make the sunroof automatically open all the way.

  • Pressing the front of the switch will close the sunroof for the duration the button is pressed and, like with the rear of the switch, the front can be pressed all the way down to make the sunroof automatically close all the way.

  • Pressing the rear of the switch that is located closer to the passenger side (switch 2) will raise the rear of the sunroof a few inches to vent air from the cabin.

  • Pressing the front of switch 2 will close the sunroof from the venting position.


On both models of the truck, there is a shade that can block sunlight and glare from entering the cabin through the sunroof when it is closed. This shade can be manually pulled forward.

If any objects or poorly placed fingers are in the way of the sunroof when it is closing, it will stop automatically.

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