Q: heavy truck impact to passenger side of small fiat. After second time at auto body shop when car was "shuddering" while driving,

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after an accident involving large truck hitting passenger side of small fiat, extensive exterior damage was repaired but as soon as driving off the lot, fiat was "shuddering". Took car back and they repaired "broken strut". After picking car up for second time, car is still "vibrating" although not as bad, especially once you hit 50 miles per hour.. car has not been the same since accident and even brakes appear to take longer than before. they said after second time that they did front end alignment as well. something is still wrong. Any ideas?

My car has 19987 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Before any diagnostic work is performed, the unibody has to first be carefully and completely measured using a "tram" and all measurements confirmed against the specifications published the the factory service manual. An initial suspicion is the frame/unibody is not straight and if not straight, and in FULL conformance with factory specs, trying to resolve a vibration issue in that circumstance is going to be like pushing on a balloon. For example, it could be that the engine mounts are mispositioned as a consequence of the damage and that will cause the drive axles to be out of position. That alone can cause vibration. The bottom line is you have to first see if you even have a presently usable frame,or "base", with which to work. If you have a shop perform such measurements, be sure they record the data and hand you a copy of the results. Otherwise, you will have no way of determining exactly what you are working with. As far as alignments, there is no way to determine the relevance, or even what was done, if they did not give you a pre- and post print out of the results. If you want the vehicle thoroughly inspected, to get an indication of where the problem may lie, you can request a brakes, steering, and suspension inspection. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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