Q: Ford Windstar doesn't start

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Okay, so new development on my 2001 Ford Windstar. After letting it sit for like a month without turning it on, I turned the key and nothing happened. No sounds, no lights, nada. Jumped the battery and the lights came on but no startup processes. One day, I went out and it actually responded when I turned the key. I jumped the battery again and THIS time it worked, the car started. I drove to a place with it and got a load test and it failed so I replaced the battery. Then after driving home and letting it sit for a few hours, I go out and IT DOESN'T RESPOND AGAIN!!! All I can figure is that it must have something to do with the cold vs. warm weather since it started up on a warm day. Maybe the starter gear is getting frozen and cannot turn? o.0 It's 100% not a power issue, so I'm guessing something's getting frozen in place. Any ideas?

My car has 250000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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