I put a code reader on it and it said anti theft system d...

I put a code reader on it and it said anti theft system detected [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) disabled I don't have any remote alarm on it why won't it start how do you bypsss that Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked ...

I put a code reader on it and it said anti theft system detected [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) disabled I don't have any remote alarm on it why won't it start how do you bypsss that Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the battery, particularly the terminal connections? Are they corroded? I've checked no they are not Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2003 ford mustang v6 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Mustang yourself? What have you tried so far? How do you bypass the anti theft system

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Hi I will do my best to answer your question fast and accurate using the info you have provided. Thanks for visiting Just Answer. Have you tried another key? What was the immobilizer fault code?

it said anti theft system detected engine disabledP1260I've tried both keystwo hoses popped off and my car died when I put the code reader on it and it said anti theft system detected engine disabledI've changed the fuel filter that didn't work
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1. Verify that the key being used is a Passive Anti-Theft System type key and that it is not damaged. If an incorrect or damaged key is found replace it. 2. Ask the customer if there are any spare keys for the vehicle that could be used to attempt to start the vehicle. If the other keys work, replace the key that is not working. Note: Any new key will need to be programmed using a factory equivalent scan tool using the attached procedure.

its the keys that came with the carI think it has something to do with the air flow hosestwo hoses popped offI don't have a remote alarm on it
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it has a immobilzer..and they will need to be programmed by a lock smith or a dealer with a factory scan tool

both keys worked fine two hoses popped off and my car diedmy air flow filterI gave it some gas going up a hill and two hoses popped off
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ok well here is the basic no start test Hi . Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer. We will have to pinpoint what the engine is missing. Spark Fuel Compression All three of these are tested when the engine is being cranked over. There are two way of checking for fuel. Fuel pressure and fuel trigger. Both are very important and must be present for the car to start. Fuel pressure is self explanatory. You just hook up the gage and see what the reading is. Fuel trigger is check with a noid light. The injector gets unplugged and the noid light gets plugged in to the injector clip. With the engine cranking over, this light must blink. This is the signal to the injectors from the computer. You can have all the fuel pressure in the world, but it wont matter if the injector is not pulsing gas into the cylinder like it should! Compression tester, spark tester, fuel pressure gage and noid light are all accessible at your local auto store. All three tests play a very important part in diagnosing a no start condition Thank you again for trusting us with your problem. John aka eauto

I put them back on it cranks but won't start
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need to do some testing your with the car not me

what does thst supposed to meanthat doesn't help me at all wtf
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you need to determine if the car has spark fuel pressure and injeector pulse testing is needed to determine what the motor is lacking.. so we can determine why it will not start

Will a bad air filter be a problem
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can I take a picture of where the two hoses popped off at and maybe that will help you understand what I'm talking about
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CB#:(###) ###-####

those two hoses popped off
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the 2 heater hoses? did you lose all the [coolant](/topics-coolant-ford/)?

it made a loud hissing sound but I put them back on and it started but died again
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did the car overheat? is the coolant empty

no the car didn't over heatno
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need to check for fuel pressure and spark next

how do I do thatthe fuel pump kicks on when I turn the key but the anti theft light blinks real fast with the steel key but not with the other key
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i told you how if you scroll up in our conversation its all there

that's it huhthat info is pretty much useless but thank you anywaydoes that have any thing to do with the heater
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not sure what your saying and that phit is awful just looks like 2 heater hoses iyts all dark cant see a starting or ending point..they look like the heater core feeds but again its a dark photo

those two hoses go to the first photo I showed you
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there is only 1 photo that ever came thru

I'll take another photo
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CB#:(###) ###-####

same hoses

well what did you come up with those two hoses popped off and my car died and hadn't ran since then it's started a few times but has never stayed cranked
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only thing can really cause that would be a backk fire.. have you checked fuel pressure or spar yet? have you scanned for failure codes yet?

well it has back fire after those hoses popped off but the hoses haven't popped off since then
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ok we need to see if it has spark and fuel pressure or its a guessing game

but a friend of mine that changed the [spark plugs](/topics-spark-plug-ford/) told me one of the spark plugs had oil on it and said that's not good because the piston was bad if the spark plug had oil on it
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ok so if you determined internal failure the motor would need to be changed..you can check compression and do a leak down test to confirm your friends suspicion

I had changed 5 spark plugs and didn't change the last one until a month laterI don't know how to do any of those things you told me to do in ealier text
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then it may be time to contract a mechanic to work on it

figures wtf I have never owned a ford and this mustang will be the reason I never own anotherthank you for all your help
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I understand good luck

hey I have a code reader and I'm going to put it back on my car and see what it reads and send you all the codes it reads out I'll take a picture of all of it and send it to you before I finally just give up

CB#:(###) ###-####

I have no idea what any of that shit means

do you know what any of that shit means
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the theft code would make me thig you have a key issue and a lock smith should cut and program a new key eberything else is really of no help

but the keys were working just fine its when the hoses popped off and my car died is when the bs started I thought maybe the fuel filter but I changed that alsoI'm going to just get rid of it
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you have a theft code if it goes to a shop that would be the first thing they would tackle

don't you have to have a remote alarm on itto have a theft code
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no it has a factory immobilizer

oh ok then

hey I took the [catalytic converter](/topics-catalytic-converter-ford/) off and started my car but it still back fires

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