2008 fird escape tried to bypass the fuel relay now I hav...

2008 fird escape tried to bypass the fuel relay now I have no power to the ignition or anything I was trying to drain the tank by making the pump run Mechanic's Assistant: Is the power loss consistent, or does it fluctuate...

2008 fird escape tried to bypass the fuel relay now I have no power to the ignition or anything I was trying to drain the tank by making the pump run Mechanic's Assistant: Is the power loss consistent, or does it fluctuate? Consisttent weird it ran before but my daughter put diesel in it so I was draining it I jumped the relay now it is completely dead except the dome light Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Escape yourself? What have you tried so far? Thats it jumped the relay and now no power is there an ignition fuse or ecm fuse Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? No just jumped the relay and now no power so I am wondering what fuse etc I might have popped because it makes no sense

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Hello and welcome to Just Answer. My name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I will the expert to assist you this evening. I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your Ford. I know how frustrating it can be. Because I am not there nor am I aware of your level of automotive expertise I may need to ask questions in order to provide the best possible service. You mention you jumped the Fuel Pump relay and now you have nothing except the Dome Light. Do any accessories work at all? Radio? Windows ?(if power) [Brake](/topics-brake-ford/) Lights or Tail Lights?

HelloNothing no windows but lights workLights work but I have no dash indicators.
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OK, I'm getting the diagram for you. Be right back.

The only thing on is the anti theft blinksOkOnly one of my diodes has power

Customer attachment 1/6/2021 12:50:03 AM

Customer attachment 1/6/2021 12:50:13 AM
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**Be sure to check the 80 amp Fusible links. Below is the fuse box layout. Check "A & B"** A / 80Electronic [power steering](/topics-power-steering/) module (EPAS) B / 125Passenger compartment fuse panel 1 / 15Heated [mirror](/topics-mirror-ford/) 2 / 30Rear defroster 3 / 20Rear power point (center console) 4 / 20up to 2008: Fuel pump 5 / 10Powertrain control module (PCM) – keep alive power, PCM relay, Canister vent (as of 2009) 6 / 15Alternator 7 / 15Liftgate latch 8 / 20Trailer tow parking lamps 9 / 50Anti-lock brake system (ABS) 10 / 30Front wipers 11 / 30Starter 12 / 40Blower motor 13 / 10A/C clutch 1415Trailer tow turn lamps 15—— 16 / 40Cooling fan 1 17 / 40Cooling fan 2 18 / 20ABS solenoid 19 / 30Power seats 22 / 20as of 2009: Fuel pump 23 / 15as of 2009: [Fuel injectors](/topics-fuel-injector-ford/) 24 / 10up to 2008: PCM [transmission](/topics-transmission-ford/) 25 / 5as of 2009: ABS 26 / 15as of 2009: [Ignition coils](/topics-ignition-coil-ford/) 10 / up to 2008: PCM mil 27 / 10PCM – general powertrain components malfunction indicator lamp 28 / 20as of 2009: PCM – emission related powertrain components malfunction indicator lamp 15 / up to 2008: PCM 29 / 15as of 2009: PCM up to 2008: Ignition coils 32—— 35 / 10Run/start, Reverse lamps, Rear defrost relay 36—— 37—up to 2009: Not used Relay 20A/C clutch relay 21ARear defroster relay 21Bas of 2009: Fuel relay 21CBlower relay 21DPCM relay 30ACooling fan 1 relay 30BStarter relay 30CCooling fan main relay 30DCooling fan 2 relay 31AReverse lamp relay 31B— 31CTrailer tow left turn relay 31DTrailer tow right turn relay 31ETrailer tow park relay 31FLiftgate latch relay Diode 33PCM diode 34Start diode
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OK, you already have the layout. Which Diode has power?

I checked A and B they are good
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Based on what you've told me it sounds like the relay may have been jumped backwards resulting in a dead short to ground. It is possible you have a damaged ECU. Do you have access to a DVOM? (Digital Volt Ohm Meter) and a Scan Tool?

I just pit the one diod that has continuity in the PCM slotNoDihital ohm metrer yes my scanner doesnt work for this car
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OK, without knowing what Control Units are on and talking to each other and not knowing what codes are in which modules makes it very hard to diagnose. I can only suggest you start by checking all fuses to ensure they're good. Start with the Fusible Links under the hood. Check the Battery to ensure those Cables are all intact and there is no damage.

How can jumping a small relay damage a bater cable? They are good. When I checked the pcm for power it had no power to the appropriate slots
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Because you're allowing 12 volts to go straight to ground bypassing the load. With the electronics in today's vehicle a Short to Ground can damage multiple circuits and control units. And it may be nothing more than one of the Fusible links.

Ok well I don't know where they are all atIf the pcm is shot can I get one from pick a part and put it in?I watched a bideo on checking the pcm and I did not have power to it.
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OK, must have power to the PCM. Try checking "A & B" also check fuse #5 and #35. Let me know the results. Good luck!
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That is the under hood fuse box.

All good no power accross 35 but is intactNo power to #35 with or without key onStill there

Fixed it.
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Fantastic, so glad to hear!

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