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Q: Engine won't fire without ether and runs bad until it warms up.

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Ok here is my day to day routine. If I have to go somewhere I have to make sure to start my truck 30 min before I leave here is why, I have to spray ether in throttle intake to start my truck cold. When it starts it runs like crap and by that I mean no power sounds like it want to bog out and back fires and spits acts like it's running super rich. Then once it warms up it runs ok but with an idling issue sometimes I'll take it out of gear putting it into neutral or switching gears it shoots high rpms for about 10-15 sec and drops to normal. Fuel pump also runs continually till truck is warm. I have replaced the following. Spark plugs and wires, fuel regulator, throttle positioning sensor, fuel pump, fuel filter. I'm tired of buying parts and playing the guessing game. I have read similar issues on forums but they can't solve the issue. Can anyone help? Please?!? I also can't get the eec flashes to show on dash I have check engine light and I'm connecting the same ports as book says.

My car has 150000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there. There could be a lot of carbon build up inside the combustion chamber making the fuel not burn properly due to the valves and rings not sealing. First check the spark plugs and see if there is excessive build up on the terminal. If there is, clean off the plugs with a wire brush and put them back in. Start up the vehicle and put in sea foam into the intake through a vacuum hose. You will need to keep the engine running at about 2,500 rpm’s to allow the sea foam to work. The more black smoke that comes from the exhaust pipe will let you know of how much carbon is built up in the engine. Then, install new spark plugs and put a can of sea foam in the fuel tank and top off the fuel tank. This will stabilize the fuel and clean the fuel injectors. If you need further assistance with your engine running rough and having to start the engine with ether, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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