Q: Q: Engine turns but wont start.

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Check Engine light was on for about a week, came home one night parked it, got up the next morning, engine turned over but would not start. Its been in the subzero temps but even when it warmed up to zero degrees, it still wouldnt start. Ive had fuel injector o-rings replace about 5 years ago as fuel was spilling onto manifold from injectors when it was about -30 degrees. when it hit -17 degrees this year, i smell the same fuel. its been doing that for about a week before didn't start. i can still smell gas when hood up looking around. I've check all fuses on side of dash and under the hood in fuse box and all good. I didn't check relays though. googling just comes up with a bunch of stuff from disconnect negative cable wait 30 seconds and reconnect and that didnt work. im smelling fuel so i think its getting there, just not sure from here. thanks in advance for your thoughts. JR PS. the questionaire didn't allow for "Durango" so i listed it as a Dakota being the closest.

My car has 189000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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