Q: eng will not run

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was running good now will only run for a couple seconds has good fuel pressure,have changed plugs,wires dist cap rotor coil have good grounds to eng and dist replaced points and cond. no vacuum leaks...when checking timing asways comes up to T.D.C. pulled dist checked for sheared pins on shaft every thing is ok is it possible it jumped time????? hard to belive if it did.......
My car has an automatic transmission.

You should first test to see if you are getting spark to the spark plugs? If not then problem may be with the points were not installed and gapped correctly. If you have spark then look inside carburetor and move accelerator to see if you see fuel squirt into throat into engine. If you see no fuel then it is carburetor issue. If both of these check okay then you will need to bring number one piston on compression stroke and crankshaft to TDC and check to make sure distributor rotor is pointing at number plug wire on cap. You may have put it in 180 degrees out of time. If these do not isolate cause of no start then you will need to do a compression test to see if timing chain jumped.

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