Q: electrical keeps dying like a dead battery when driving but is restored with time.

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the truck starts fine but the starter sounds a little weak but never had to turn for more than 1/2 a second to get it to turn over and ignite properly.

when driving the electrical slowly dies off one system at a time, which would normally indicate a bad alternator and that the truck is running off the battery.

however after the truck sits for about 4-24 hours, it will start back up with no issues, and go a few miles before electrical systems start dying off again. None of the instrumentation except for the voltage gauge works since the first failure.

battery is about a year old, alternator is the original. I am a industrial automation technician/electrician. I can do electrical testing if requested But i am unfamilar with automotive concepts. i do feel qualified to pull and test both the battery and/or alternator if requested. But seeing as how none of the gauges work and the battery recharges itself magically I'm thinking this might be a body control module issue or something.

My car has 192000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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