Q: Don't know if it is faulty crank o2 or cam o2. All ready replaced mass air flow. It ran better for short amount of time. Thanks

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It all started when I had put bad gas in. Tank has been dried. Treatment used. Spark plugs changed. New fuel pump and mass air flow 02. Runs better when cold. Threw codes po102 po113. I believe it's a sensor just don't know which one and if the car ran better when I emmidietly put in MAF sensor new, but shortly after it returned to running rough. It smells like gas in cabin. And not sure if this is related but I noticed it's using more coolant. I don't want to buy the wrong sensor again so.. thank you. It runs really rough no stalling and starts but terrible jerking and loss of power. Also! The heater used to work 100% now about 55%.

My car has 238235 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello. Thank you for writing in. There are a few issues that may be at play, and you may be fighting more that one problem at once. The heater not working correctly is because there is an issue with the cooling system. The first thing you will want to do is find out why the coolant is leaking or being consumed. With the coolant topped off, does the heater function improve? Keep the coolant topped off if driving the vehicle. You need to check the oil and see if coolant is mixing in. It will look like a milky foam or film on the dip stick. This would indicate a bad head gasket, and may explain part of your power loss. A broken or cracked head would give you similar symptoms. The MAF sensor repair needs to be verified as well. Make sure the connection is clean, dry, and tight. Repair the coolant issue first, and the continue on with diagnosing the drivability issues.

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